Couch Tigers

These are many of the little tigers that occupy Jan's life, time and love. Some of them live in comfort and some sleep under cars awaiting the better life that they deserve.

Here are the main groups:

Cats Available for Adoption
These are homeless cats who deserve better. While some are from the feral colony, others are abandoned or victims of random chance.

The Feral Colony
This is a managed colony of feral cats in San Jose, California.

They vary in temperament from loving to panicked at the sight of people.

Couch Tigers
These are the cats who share Jan's couch (or allow her to share theirs).

Success Stories
A few of the tales of cats who passed through here on the way to worthy homes.

Cat Tales
Stories about the cats, mainly how they came to be here.

The Silent Couch
These are some of the cats who have given us their love and are now gone.

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The site name is inspired by, but not affiliated with,
The Tiger on Your Couch : What the Big Cats Can Teach You About Living in Harmony With Your House Cat, by Bill Fleming
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